Hello Saab friends,

you visited our website, surely you are sharing our worries about our beloved brand Saab. You fancy individual cars and won’t find a home at large common automobile brands? You can’t imagine a life without your Saab?

That is how we are feeling. We are Saab-Friends from Dresden and surrounding areas supported by our local Saab Dealership. We are upset about news targeting the current situation and the future of  Saab.

We are not going to accept, that a traditional and innovative car manufacturer, with whom we are connecting countless emotions, will quietly disappear from the market.

We are actively working on preserving the brand of Saab.

We are fully aware of the fact, that rescuing Saab will take a lot more then just manifesting sympathy, although this could already work as a signal to the current owner, possible future owners and the Swedish government.

Therefore, our target is to support the survival of Saab not only by words but also by actions – financial funds. On February 19th 2009, the founding session for “Rescue-Saab” took place. The following targets were set:

1) Our first step is to trigger as many Saab-Drivers, Saab-Friends and Saab-Dealers as possible to support the companies survival actively. Hundreds of thousands of voices are able to demonstrate a world wide interest and demand for individual cars therefore a brand like Saab may not die.

2) Our second step will go even further. With the help of this club, we are going to gather a large sum of money that makes it possible to support Saab up to the point of substantial financial participation.

You can help us with this endeavor. Stay with us and visit our website over the next days to take part in the development.
These are our goals for step two:

3) The Club “Rescue-Saab” will create all necessary requirements that makes a world wide platform for financial support, for buying company shares, possible

4) Fundamental target is to reach a stake that ensures us a considerable amount of power to take part in decisions

5) We are not talking about a donation – therefore it is not our goal to give the collected money into an unmanageable hole.

6) We will keep everything transparent – all money given from all supporters is solely meant for to maintain our goal and not to do any shady business.

7) Collected funds are managed in trust accounts which are supervised by notaries or lawyers, in order to ensure its only use for the stated main target. The use will be verified on this website

To make our goal clear:

For a realistic chance to preserve the brand of Saab it will take a sum of money that sounds utopian on first sight. Nevertheless, if all friends of Saab work together, we will make it happen. Just think about this:

•    World wide, there are approximately 1.5 millions Saab running – everyone loves his car as much as we do. Fueling it up will cost around 60 Euros. If every Saab-Driver gives the money of two stops worth at the gas station, 180 Million Euros would come together.
•    Just imagine there are 1,500 Saab-Dealers (there are probably a lot more). If every one of them invests 10,000 Euros, an additional 15 million Euros would be available.

You can see, that a very straight forward investment would add up to almost 200 Million Euros – that will give us a lot of power!

First reactions by friends and customers are very encouraging – we already have spontaneous commitments, for example of 10,000 Euros from one Saab-Enthusiast and –Driver.

Therefore we believe: Be Saab. Saab, we can believe in!

Answers to certain questions can be found at our FAQ-Section.

Register in our community and recommend us to your friends and business partners. You can put a link to our site on your website, to create traffic and world wide attention.
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