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Real Saab Meeting

January, 03.

Many Saab-Clubs of Europe are arrange an Saab-Event called "We support Saab Event, Part 2". With good cause: to show the cars on the street.

Such as in Berlin, January 14 and 15, organised from Saab Club Berlin and SAAB Reisen: Link to the meeting

See all meetings here: www.outside-saab.com

Germany, 12/22/2011

EXPECTEDLY! Big response about our newsletter. Here you are all (!!) feedbacks:

Hallo Leute, ich hatte meinen Aufkleber vorsichtshalber am Saab gelassen... Auf der anderen Seite waren wir doch sehr blauäugig, was GM anging. Das ist nun mal das wahre Gesicht des Kapitalismus. Da wird gnadenlos alles weggebissen, was irgendwie den Absatz mindern könnte. Diese Menschen sind doch nicht etwa der Ansicht, dass Saabanhänger jemals einen OPEL oder etwas in dieser Art kaufen würden? Die Sache mit den Patenten ist doch nur Vorwand. Was jetzt? Was sagen denn die betroffenen Schweden. Können die nicht mal Druck auf ihre Regierung machen? Ich brauche doch einen Nachfolger für meinen Liebling. Der wird ja nun auch schon 10 Jahre alt. Wir müssen etwas tun.

Hallo Ihr Dresdner, vielen Dank für Eure eMail. Auch ich bin endtäuscht aber nicht mutlos. Vielleicht können wir es gemeinsam schaffen. Leider habe ich keine Millionen, aber wenn nur jeder vorhandene SAAB-Pilot 100 Euro spenden würde, hätten wir 400 Millionen Euro zusammen. Wenn man davon ausgeht, dass es 4 Millionen SAAB-Fahrer/Innen gibt. Lasst es uns angehen.

KS Kaplan Birdalone7
Shame on the government of Sweden and the management of General Motors! Let the Russians buy Saab, move the entire factory to Russia, and let the world once again have the winter-beating 900 hatchback! Yah, am very upset.  Three autos since 1976, all 2-door hatchbacks: 1976 Saab 99GL; 1987 Saab 900 (best auto ever!); 1999 Saab 9-3 and the best Saab dealer in the USA only twenty minutes away in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, Pioneer Saab-Volvo.  Have not yet called them to learn if they will stay in business (there are MANY Saabs here), or whether they have found a transmission to replace mine if it gets more delicate. Sweden is too prejudiced against Russian money.  It is the only hope for a complete resurrection of Saab.  The world needs a winter-beating 2-door hatchback. Danke schoen

I propose to establish a consortium of small shareholders and buySaab

Sorry, but seeing the image you used here, which as far as i am concerned is an outrage, i will no longer wish to receive any news from you. What a stupid, silly thing to do, to mock the one person who has been working his backside off to do what he could. I most strongly disaprove  of your antics. I shall inform those around me to no longer even visit your website.

Why don’t you ask if people would be willing to contribute 500 euros each. I am sure with the millions worldwide this would save the day!  SAAB would then continue as a consortium.

Saab did the mistake on that they only focused wery expensive "business class" cars. They should continued working on cheap family car like Saab 900, 9-5 and etc. Now i think the spyker comes into business with new car, which is named other but the saab technology. I am sorry to hear this, i knew this would happen becouse saab did wrong when focused only business cars. I have one Saab 900 -82 myself and i will sell it as parts to those whos saabs are in better condition and who want to keep theyre saabs as one masterpiece of automobile history. Saab will return some day, just hoping it does it with Scania again =)  I remember the Saab-Scanias from OY Scan-Auto AB :') Future is on us, the day of return of saab, or "SAAB" will happen, even as new factory, with new car, new technology =) Happy holidays waiting and early Happy New Year

I will NEVER buy a GM car again for doing this to Saab. I have owned Saabs since 1982. For me I will reluctantly look at Volvo or BMW now but I will keep my current Saab forever as a memory of what was. Barry

I hope not!

Hi, Just a suggestion regarding SAAB, If someone can financially support SAAB and keep the brand alive, drop all current models and design and make only one model 9-3 , in maybe 2 or 3 versions,  new platform edgy look, remember SAAB is a boutique brand , like the Mini  cooper story, BMW took a relatively junk built  car, oversized go-cart that had great handling and unique look with some racing wins, they resurrected it with only one model and a brand that was not nearly as good as SAAB,  and Mini has been very successful  !    SAAB only needs a great car design like the 1980's 900 turbo!!!!!!! Best of luck !!!!!!

I thought some Chinese investor gave 128 mil dollars? What happened to that?


Hallo Rescue Team, Thanks for all the work you did so far for this fantastic brand. I hope and believe Saab has a future and we as a community will make sure it has. Keep up the good work!

Vielen Dank für Euren Einsatz – Ihr seid super! Leider sind wir SAAB Fan’s  am Untergang selber Schuld… Das Problem liegt darin, dass wir viel zu viel in die alten Autos investieren, anstelle auch neue zu ordern! Ein Jahreswagen würde schon genügen, damit der Händler wieder bestellen kann. Saab kann/konnte nicht von den Ersatzteilen leben, sondern muss neues verkaufen – ist überall so. Wenn also alle „richtige“ Saabfan auch mal was neues gekauft hätten, würde das super laufen. Auf Facebook gibt es x-tausend Saabliebhaber, aber bereit für eine Investition ist Niemand! Auch ich hab lange gewartet und hab jetzt nebst dem 9000er noch einen 93 Jg. 08. Wenn sich ca. 50‘000 Personen finden würden, die jetzt ! einen Neuwagen oder auch ein Vorführmodel (1-2 Jährig) kaufen würden, könnte man erkennen, dass noch Leute da sind, die Saab unterstützen. Da wäre sicher jemand bereit, nochmals zu investieren. Auch müsste man Druck auf GM ausüben – irgendwie ein Weltweites Boykott gegen diese Mafia organisieren! Lang lebe SAAB.

I with you! I endure these events with all the heart! To me painfully to look and hear it! I hope that SAAB will stand and becomes even stronger! The owner, the admirer and user SAAB 93

Schreiben Sie , bitte, einen Brief dem Bill Gates und er wird es richten! Wäre ich so reich, hätte ich mir diese schmücke Marke genommen.

I still have a vision that SAAB can be the largest rental car company in the world. It would take 10 billion SEK to start up that company, but i think it would work out just fine. Then 50 000 cars would allways be on the second hand market, and more achivable for the people. I have a business plan but no contacts to finance the deal. It may be impossible but i can send the business plan to anyone that can pursue my vision.

In many respects it isn't the lack of money so much as GM's reluctance to allow the buyout to happen.  They have put so many restraints on the purchaser, that the sale is not possible.  We could all send in a few hundred bucks and it still won't work because GM is determined to see the brand die, like the other sacrificial lambs - Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn.

I am wondering about warranty issues for those sold in the post GM era.

P-A F.

Hi Rescue-Saab team, I think that we as Saab enthusiast can not get the 500 mil Euro together to save the whole Saab imperium but there will be a chance that we could save the Saab museum. Perhaps a good time to ask Saab enthusiast (rescue Saab members, Saabsunited members, Saab facebook members, members if Saab clubs worldwide) which amount (money) they would like to invest into saving the Saab museum. Do you know what amount is needed for buying the museum
and give it another five years 'living'' (5 years of annual costs for the renting and maintaining the museum building, the maintenance to the cars and the costs of personnel)?

I HAVE E-MAILED THIS ONE TO SAAB  AND OTHER BODIES, WITH NO REPLY AS YET   and cannot see why  It would not work what do you reckon?
1.       Saab  has a tremendous customer loyalty base ,second  I  understand to Mercedes.
2.       If all of us who love our cars  donated £100  that could mean 100 million  may be more
3.        SAAB for that donation could offer shares and/or a promise of a decent discount on a new car if the company managed to trade for over say 5 years
4.       I would donate that money  all we need are a million or so others , they have TO be out there .
5.       A Saab fanatic now will need a new car eventually . We don’t want a crapo japo number so the incentive would be there  to help with the rescue...............

Hi, ich fahre jetzt seit mehr als 15 Jahren Saab Cabrio. Seit mehreren Wochen warte ich auf Ersatzteile, nachdem mir einer hinten in den Aero rein gefahren ist. Für mich ist das das Ende. Ich verkaufe ihn schweren Herzens, denn das kann ich nicht mehr mitmachen. Ich bin drauf angewiesen, dass er läuft und dass es Teile gibt. Ich danke Ihnen für die Unterstützung, die vielen Emails, die Aufopferung für eine (einstmals) klasse Automarke. Letzten Endes sind wir an der besch... amerikanischen Großmannsucht gescheitert und deren Unfähigkeit mit guten Sachen nachhaltig und vernünftig umzugehen. Die können nur Ihren Massendreck in die Welt werfen, ob Apple oder MacDonalds. Shareholder value statt Qualität. Ich steige jetzt um auf deutsche Autos. Nur auf was??? Alles Gute und Frohe Weihnachten nach Dresden.

A disaster! Maybe "The market" can do something to rescue parts of the Swedish automobile history, but the Swedishe government could at least, since they done nothing so far, secure that the museum does not split and become fancy cars in the garages of fancy guys with chequerd caps and scarfs all over the world!

1. I was hoping that IKEA should show some interest during the last 6 months but I was wrong. Has anybody any contact with Ingvar Kamprad at IKEA?
2. Is there no multimillionaire in the US that is interested in cars? A person that has other intentions than GM.

Dear fellow Saabists, I’ll keep it short and to the point; It’s clear for everybody that saab has to survive; there’s just too much soul left in it! I remember the Dutch brand “DAF” being at the edge of bankruptcy; at that moment, there’s was a big, widespread call to all the supporting people to invest, small and big, in it. It may seem a miracle, but it succeeded; largely on the enthusiasm and belief in the small but valuable market. Let’ a least get an idea and launch a big, worldwide, call for investing; and see where we end. A no we have today, a yes we can is a possibility. Of course we need a clear business plan for this; Enthusiasm alone does not make economics. Let’s start talking business and group all enthusiasts financially this time !!!!, Saabish regards,

I have a plan. But first things first... I'm in need of a new car, and the only car I will buy is a 2011 9-5 Sport Combi. If you know about one that is for sale please contact me.

Hallo, ich kann es auch kaum glauben und bin enttäuscht. In der Klassik Autobild schrieb man, das Trollhättan das Museum übernehmen wird. Wenn was zu tun ist, ich helfe gern. Wenn der Lottogewinn kommt, dann bin in gern dabei. Ich liebe Saab und möchte zu meinem 901 Cabrio und 9-5 I einen 96 V4 oder einen 99turbo haben. Viele Grüße aus dem Norden

Dear rescue team, This is the end, but no end exists. My memories to my visits in Trollhatton, are pleasant, and although not recent- seems like yesterday. Suggestions: 1. Try to get your Engineers, Technicians into other Companies. 2. Support and improve your sub-contractors. As things are going in the EU, in five years you never know!

Hej. Als einfacher Ingenieur(und Nicht-Kaufmann), aber seit über 30 Jahren SAAB Fahrer aus Leidenschaft wäre meine spontane Idee: Laß uns über alle Fans in der Welt Geld auftreiben - z.B. in Form von Anteilen. Damit wird die Firma gekauft und das Team in Trollhättan soll weiterbauen was das Zeug hält. Parallel sollte EIN vernünftiges Auto (also kein SUV oder Bio-Fuel!), aber mit dem besonderen Etwas (also z.B. wieder Combi Coupe) und einer einzigartiger Silhouette entwickelt werden. Klingt so wie sich Lieschen-Müller das Ganze einfach vorstellt. Aber muß einfach denn schlecht sein...?

SILKE, Germany
Wenn ich das Geld hätte würde ich saab retten, unbedingt....ich fahre saab und liebe mein auto ....ich bin stolz darauf....

ERIC KOCH, Belgium
Just send me the questions while I am already registered since two years but now I do see additional questions which I cannot forward to you while my E-mail address is known already. Keep on goingg with this great work.

I agree! We need a good sized consortium. I'm in.

I believe that the brand SAAB can continue unde chinees owners but start production with chinees technology that is good enough...without the technology from GM. I was just now in Cebu in Philippines, and in Ayala Center I saw new chineese brands with technology and cooperation from example Isuzu... so why cannot SAAB start again...? as only the chinees have interess... SAAB-name is strong..!!! How about the new 9-3 with/ from the italian-USA designer..I have seen a computerpicture of this model..very nice... Just quit this new SAAB 9-5 that is too big and too expensive..and with technology from Opel Insignia..... Start on new with new 9-3  and new 9-1  hybrid or electric... Regards from a SAAB-friend. Bergen is probably the biggest "SAAB-municipality" in Norway. SAAB-cars and SAAB-entusiasts all over....many SAABs here....and two very good carworkshops here.... even in my secondhomemunicipality Os 30 km south of Bergen center...lots of SAABs. Even lots of SAABveterancars here...

It is not the end, the SAABs  are yet in our garden or garage and in our heart forever.

KAI STEENECK, Switzerland
Hallo, wenngleich der Anlass traurig ist, dennoch schön, mal wieder etwas zu hören. Irgendwie kann ich es nicht glauben, dass nun wirklich alles aus und vorbei sein soll. Wie wäre es mit einer Stiftung zum Erhalt und Betrieb des Museums? Und dann ist da ja noch das Thema Ersatzteile, um unsere Saabs auf den Strassen der Welt zu halten. Da ist doch ein Markt... Saabische 900er-Grüsse aus der Schweiz

Hello! Being a Saab employee I am convinced that there will be a life also after the bankruptcy. There are several companies interested to buy Saab. However, the support from “Rescue Saab” is very important and saved us two years ago!

Hej! Jag vill be er att ta bort min profil tack.

I got the visit the factory last winter when they were still making cars. I even got into the paint building. This was facilitated through an individual with deep connections to the Swedish industrial base. I can't give you his name but I can give you his emails...you will see that GM is pretty evil. They have tried to kill Saab despite what they say in public (what's below is put together from a series of emails I received over the past few day after the announcement): Yes...this is an awquard position to be in...The owner had found the capital...But GM could not approve of the new major share holders being Chinese. Well. Surprising things have happend before. There are others with an interest in the company... technology wise, and market wise. But they are not willing to take over all debts. Maybe new turns will show up in the processes over the next couple of days. My neighbour, the former CEO of the Stockholm Business School, has been driving Saab's all his life. He owns the new Sedan version, but would prefer the Combi, and is part of the customer waiting queue. He has tried to convince me to exchange my Volvo V70 for a Saab. He almost succeeded...because it turns out to be a very good car. But...it can't be delvered...yet. I suggest we wait for a miracle, before we start mourning. GMs legal officer Kaminsky something had sent an SMS to Victor Muller with the clear indication that GM will not permit any investements whatsoever from China. Not even a loan from a non-owner of shares in Saab. If anything of that nature takes place, GM said that legal actions will follow. Upon that SMS the Saab prime owner decided to stop all attempts to save the company. Well...over here, the thing discussed today concerns the GM attitude. If it is correctly reported then a lot of Swedes may think that GM deliberately "cut the throat off" the Swedish Car Company, one of the smallest in the world. The last attempt to create a conservative and well financed Saab excluded the Chinese as owners, but included them as refinance sources. If that was interpreted by GM as a major risque for violent technology transfer to China, then I guess most Swedes will oppose...perhaps by refusing GM cars in this country the next ten years or so? Someting interestingly will of course eventually happen top Saab, but it may take some more time, and it will not include everything, or everybody, or whatever. Another period of waiting. By the way: The demand for Saab cars in this country has increased significantly over the last couple of weeks. Lots of groups (national and int'l) are interested in acquring Saab...after the bankruptcy...to avoid obligations to pay previous debts. One way or the other...there will be Saab cars manufactured and shipped during 2012.

looks like it

Dear Saab Community - Dear Michael! You're right ! This cannot happen ! Es DARF NICHT !  IDEAS? Maybe one - and it is right under your very nose; near Mainz - in Russelheim. Let me explain: Is LEXUS (fancy car)  the luxury version of Toyota (volume car)? Is SAAB the exquisite version of Opel ? WHY should one wait for GM to cross the Ocean? Isn't SAAB an E.U. proud automobile?... In my opinion, while the other pure-blood Swedish Car - Volvo - expatriates itself and learns Chinese, I think Saab should STAY HERE !! In my country (and not only), the SAAB is regarded as a "cultured" car. And this gives him a distinct place in the European Family. We have it all: the swift Ferraries & Co., the reliable Mercedes Benz, the everlasting VW, the potent BMW, the strange pride of Citroen, the proud aristocracy of RR & Bentley a.s.o. But as every Toyota dreams to be a Lexus in the top formula, the Vectra sometimes might enjoy being a Turbo X some day ... Ein neues Leben? A new LIFE?  Definitely !  Especially for the top versions of this magnificent Saab  brand ! We cannot - darf nicht - call ourselves ""saab- rescuers" if we are not SAAB lovers ! So, Michael , Love Saab !

I have always loved Saab, and will forever miss my 2002 9-5 Aero.  But unfortunately, after Spyker took over, I never heard anything again about the brand.  It's a true shame.  Saab will be missed by those who have a passion for driving.

Auf keinem Fall darf das Saab Museum zerstückelt werden und NACH ÜBERSEE VERKAUFT WERDEN .  Am Besten es bleibt unzerteilt in Schweden.

Hallo liebes Rescue-SAAB-Team, mich hat es auch traurig gemacht, dass es jetzt mit SAAB endgültig vorbei zu sein scheint. Wieder hat mich euer letzter Newsletter dazu bewegt, euch mal zu schreiben. Ich persönlich bin noch nie SAAB gefahren, aber von der Entwicklung und anfänglich Philosophie des Unternehmens sehr begeistert. Und nein, ich habe kein Geld, um SAAB zu retten. Da in der jetzigen Situation nichts mehr zu verlieren ist, visioniere ich mal rum: SAAB erhielt mein größtes Interesse als das Concept 9X BioHybrid vorgestellt wurde und danach noch das Air Concept. Ich hatte dabei den Wunsch, dass SAAB genau diese Produktpalette verkaufen müsse und vor allem bei dem Produkt-Design dem Concept sehr nah sein muss. Leider wurde nie etwas daraus. Meine Vision wäre aber, dass ein Team aus SAAB-Unterstützer zusammenkommen müsse, um nach dem Open-Source-Prinzip ein Firmenkonzept für SAAB-Design&Engineering entwickelt. Dabei sollen entsprechende Designer und Ingenieure von SAAB einbezogen werden. Dieses Team müsse intensiv diskutieren, wie sich Mobilität verändern wird und wie ein Firmenkonzept entsteht, dessen Angebot die Gewährleistung von Mobilität ist. Dabei stellen sich Fragen: Kann SAAB neu auferstehen, wenn SAAB zum ersten europäischen reinen Elektrofahrzeug-Hersteller wird, dabei könnte ich mir Kooperationen mit Tesla/USA vorstellen. Da Sachsen im Bereich der Elektromobilität Vorreiter werden möchte, wäre hier ein Ansatz denkbar. In Zusammenarbeit mit SAAB-Schweden-Designern und -Ingenieuren könnte in Sachsen so auch Forschung und Entwicklung für den Mobilitätssektor entstehen. Es stellen sich Fragen, wie sich der Bedarf an dem motorisierten Individualverkehr verändert, wie kann ein Automobil-Hersteller zu einem Car-Sharing-Versorger werden, wie viel Auto wird im Stadt- bzw. Fernverkehr gewünscht, wie können PKWs autarkere Systeme werden und und und. Meine Vision würde so aussehen, dass SAAB das Concept 9X BioHybrid umsetzt, und so erst einmal nur innerhalb der Kompaktklasse produziert. Ich denke es so: Das, was die deutschen Automobil-Hersteller verschlafen haben und noch recht unpraktisch und schleppend versuchen plötzlich umzusetzen, kann ein Unternehmen, das nichts mehr zu verlieren hat und hervorragende Potenziale bietet, deutlich besser. Vielleicht sollte man mal Ideen zusammen tragen und recht intensiv mit den Verantwortlichen, Designern und Ingenieuren von SAAB kommunizieren. Ich wünsche schöne Weihnachten, Timmy Selle

I feel so blasted bad...it can"t be the end!  I've been driving Saabs for 20 years.  Six of them.  Not once over that period of time did the car leave me stranded, on any road...ever!!!  Best cars, bar none...how could this happen??

Hello. I don't have a SAAB. but i have a question? Can't they sell stock to people who love the brand. I mean how many people signed the petition 2 years ago. Weel if wee buy stock for 50 euro each or less or more how much money will we get? If wee raise enough can't wee make the legend go one. Or donate money to them and help them. Let's make a christmas miracle happen. Sorry for the bad english.

Hallo zusammen, es gab und gibt da draussen Leute, die das Geld gehabt hätten, aber solange, und der Ausdruck sei mir verziehen, die Arschlöcher bei GM ihre Lizenzrechte nicht an Dritte veräussern, musste es schiefgehen. Den Chinesen ist eigentlich niemals zu trauen, aber bei Volvo läuft alles super und bei Ford scheint auch keiner ein Problem damit zu haben. Das ist eine Ego-Nummer der Chefetage von GM. Wenn wir es nicht haben können, dann bekommen es die Anderen auch nicht. Wir hätten gern den neuen Kombi gekauft, aber ein V70 ist auch nicht schlecht. Und so geht es dahin.

Dear Michael, we need zo save Saab again. As family Saab, dealers, drivers....Fans we  can male a Saab Power. When each is us donate 100 Euro, we must have a solution.....lets we Do and make Saab bigger...i will Support you world wide.... Saabgreetz...wim...

Hallo Herr Hesse, der einzige Aktivposten von SAAB ist jetzt noch seine SAAB-Community. Nur die SAAB community kann jetzt noch etwas bewegen. In den letzten 2 Jahren hat sich einiges im Internet getan. Inzwischen gibt es das crowd funding. Hierüber hat in der letzten Woche der Produzent der TV-Serie STROMBERG innerhalb einer Woche einen Kinospielfilm zu STROMBERG über die STROMBERG community finanziert. Das SAAB Museum bekommen wir über crowd funding auf jeden Fall aus der Insolvenzmasse heraus gelöst. Je nachdem wie schnell wir das hinkriegen, lässt dann auch exakter abschätzen, ob die SAAB community auch für mehr gut ist. Die jetzige Situation hat auch positive Aspekte. So könnte man GM nun endgültig loswerden. Außerdem wird sich die gesamte Automobilbranche in diesem Jahrzehnt neu erfinden müssen. Ein crowd funding für SAAB wäre eine Blaupause für Opel. Denn eines ist jetzt schon sicher: Nächstes Jahr zu Weihnachten befinden sich die Kollegen von OPEL in der völlig identischen Situation. Der Weg mit GM kennt nur eine Richtung: In den tiefsten Abgrund.

A new owner should have experience of car manufacturing and the financial resources for development and marketing. My first proposal is Ratan Tata / Tata Motors, India, owner of Range Rover and Jaguar. Also Volkswagen could be a very good owner if there is an interest from that side.

LINUS, Germany
Good-Bye Saab - GM Kills Another Brand (no comment). Seit 2000 fahre ich Saab, derzeit habe ich noch zwei Fahrzeuge und leider kann ich nur sagen Danke Saab und für die nächsten Jahre ein vergleichbares Fahrzeug (zu mindestens  zum Teil) finden. Ich denke da bleiben nur noch die "ehemaligen Engländer" zu Auswahl? :-(

ALEX ROSLUND, Sweden, HR-Malmö/ NeoCog AB
Dear SAAB fans,I´m a big SAAB:fan who has bought many SAAB:s over the years.Now last I bought a new SAAB 9-5 Turbo 2011! I LOVE that car! After GM:s no, this might be the other chance for Youngman Lotus
to take over SAAB. It might be a bit different, but they could build
the new 9-3 in China with engines from BMW and some new technologie
and the prestent 9-5 in Sweden and then drop the GM owned 9-4X series.Keep on working for one of the best brands ever - SAAB! Buy the way! U are doing a great job! Don´t stop.

Rescue-SAAB-movenment was nice, but only sympathy alone
does not pay... The people who signed should have bought a car instead.  Just bougt a brandnew 9-3 SportCombi 2 weeks ago...
So, I hope this will be a little brick to build up again and
will show, that there is still potential for the SAAB- brand.

Trollhättan, 19.12.2011.

Much to our regret, we heard today, Saab has lost the struggle for survival and filed for bankruptcy.

Read more at http://www.saabsunited.com



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Rescue Saab was cordially received
from new Saab command

Last week the team from Rescue Saab had the honor to meet Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson at the Geneva Auto Salon. Both are extremely grateful for the incredible support of the last months. The current mosaic, we have presented on behalf of the Rescue-Saab community. Victor Muller: "It will get a special place in our office so that we never forget those who fought with us ".

It's now or never: Saab to back by demand and purchase! You should contemplate a Saab-purchase.

By the way: Thanks a lot for your answers regarding our question: What’s up with Rescue Saab? The overwhelming majority to propose, Rescue Saab stand by a independent platform between Saab-customers with wishes, questions and criticism and Saab command and marketing. Thats right!

Mission accomplished! Saab rescued!

Kind regards,

Your Rescue Saab Team Dresden/ Germany

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Spyker Cars finalizes purchase of Saab

•  Spyker Cars finalizes deal over the purchase of Saab
•  Transfer of ownership has taken place
•  Saab exits liquidation and the management are back in control
•  Transaction signals the start of an exciting new era for Saab
•  Saab+Spyker to operate under parent company Spyker Cars N.V.

Trollhättan, 23.2.2010.  Spyker Cars N.V. today confirmed it has finalized the deal with General Motors Company to purchase Saab Automobile AB.  The transfer of ownership took place at 16.30 CET on February 23.  Prior to the close of the deal Saab exited liquidation and control was reinstated to Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab Automobile’s CEO, and his management team.  Going forward Saab Automobile and Spyker Cars will operate as sister companies under the umbrella of the Amsterdam Euronext listed parent company Spyker Cars N.V. (Ticker symbol:SPYKR).  This transaction secures the future of Saab Automobile and signals the start of an exciting new era for the iconic brand. 

Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars NV said:  “We are delighted - Saab’s future is now secure.”  He continued:  “From today we will be concentrating all of our efforts into reviving Saab and transforming it into a sustainable and profitable company with the confidence to be bold.  We will reinforce the emotional experience between Saab drivers and their cars and we will focus on Saab's historical strengths in the fields of independent thinking, aircraft heritage, ecological performance and motorsport.

“Through this acquisition we add approximately 15 euros per share in equity and 60 euros of assets.  With a well funded business plan in place we are looking forward to working with Saab’s management on the realization of that plan and bringing exciting new products to our customers. Real Saabs, Saab Saabs.” 

Jan Åke Jonsson, CEO of Saab Automobile AB said:  “Today’s announcement is great for Saab’s customers, dealers, suppliers and employees around the globe, the level of passion and support shown to Saab over recent months has been remarkable and this does bode well for the future.  Now we aim to get back to the execution of our business plan, starting with the introduction of the new 9-5 later this year, and with the continued support of our employees and business partners I am confident we will succeed.”

“This transaction represents the successful outcome of months of hard work and intense negotiations, all aimed at securing a sustainable future for this unique brand, and we are pleased with the positive outcome,” said John Smith, GM vice president for corporate planning and alliances.  “This is a great day for Saab employees, dealers and suppliers, and a great day for millions of Saab customers and fans worldwide.”

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Not enough!

Over 800 Rescuer wants the 20 tickets "Autosalon Geneve". The Fastest get the tickets - with the post in a day or two.

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Ruthie Moccia from Columbia U.S.A.! Congratulations! You are the 20,000. Rescuer of Saab. Greetings from the founder of Rescue Saab. Picture: Alex is driving, Sadie getting a ride.

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Saab rescued. Hello Spyker. Goodbye GM.

Weeks of tensions and excitement but with a great success are now behind us. The sale of Saab Automobile AB operated by General Motors to Spyker Cars NV should be finished at February 15th 2010. The government guarantee by the Swedish government for the loan obligation of the European Investment Bank as the last one obstacle is now sanctioned by the subsidy regulations of the European Unit. The EU commission has established, that 82,2 % of the planned Swedish government guarantees are comply with the conditions of the EU preliminary subsidy framework. Saab will do an adequate payment for the guarantees as well as they will have enough bankable collateral just in case for recourse the credit. Neelie Kroes, the EU Commissioner for competitions, has declared: "The government guarantee will to be contributing to the realization of the Saab business plan without excessive distortions of competitions."

That's the actually available facts.

We from "rescue Saab" were able to speak to Mr. Victor R. Müller, CEO Spyker Cars, and also to Mr. Jan-Ake Jonsson. Both of them are the front men of this deal. They send warm greetings to the Saab rescue community as well as them sincerely thanks for the worldwide encouragement during the last turbulent months. Activities like "rescue Saab" are the reasons for the attractivity of Saab and also for the purchase of this traditional car label by Spyker.

What's up with "rescue Saab"? The reactions to our news, especially to the last newsletter witch contains the most delightful news of the year, are convince ourselves to continue "rescue Saab", perhaps as a forum also as a platform for Saab owners as well as Saab enthusiasts all over the world. Please make suggestions how to introduce the future of "rescue Saab".

The picture mosaic with your photos, pictures and some Saab convoy impressions was updated and is prepared for download - hires version available.

Mission accomplished! Saab rescued!

Kind regards,
Your Rescue Saab Team Dresden/Germany

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Mission accomplished!

As recently reported on Bloomberg.com, today will be the happiest day in the life of all the Saab drivers and enthusiasts.

Today (Tuesday) General Motors Co. agreed to sell its Saab unit to Spyker Cars NV

» Read the official press release from GM

The future of the traditional swedish car brand is secured, Saab will take off again.

Together with about 20,000 Saab Rescuers we are looking forward to the new Saab models and many thousands of turbocharged kilometers.

We thank all the Saab community who remained loyal to Saab during the last year. It was amazing to see how many people stand behind Saab. Thanks to the thousands of Saab Rescuers, thank you Swade, thanks to all the Saab Convoys around the world.

» Official press release from GM

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Brandnew: The Rescue Saab Wordmap

See where all the Saab Rescuers come from - provided by maptimize.com.
» Visit our Wordmap

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The Rescue Saab Mosaic beamed onto Saab Factory Walls!

Amazing! The Rescue Saab Mosaic was beamed onto the factory walls at Saab in Trollhattan last night.

Watch the videoclip from tv4play.se:

» See the Video at tv4play.se

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The Rescue Saab Mosaic

Here we go: the Rescue Saab Mosaic is here!

» Large format available

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